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50+ FREE Vintage Crochet & Knitting Books

This is an index of vintage Crochet and Knitting books that are freely available online. These historic craft books were scanned and shared by universities, libraries, and archives. Most of these books are vintage and/or in the public domain, meaning they are no longer under copyright and can be shared with interested crafters and creators.

Navigating free and public domain book website can be confusing, especially if you aren’t used to searching for ebooks. I’ve put together this post which indexes individual online books. Click on the link to go directly to the book’s website, and download it in the format that works best for you.

  1. Collingbourne’s encyclopedia of technologic art needle work instruction by Virginia Snow (1915) [Download]
  2. Columbia book of the use of yarns by W. H. Horstmann co. (1904) [Download]
  3. Columbia book of yarns by Anna Schumacker (1916) [Download]
  4. Columbia book of yarns by Anna Schumacker (1918) [Download]
  5. Companion to the work-table, containing selections in Knitting, netting, & crocket work by C. Mee (1847) [Download]
  6. Complete guide to the work-table: containing instructions in Berlin work, crochet, drawn thread work, embroidery, knitting, knotting or macramé, lace, netting, Poonah painting, & tatting by (1884) [Download]
  7. Dainty work for busy fingers; a book of needlework, knitting and crochet for girls by M. Sibbald & Helen Greig Souter (1917) [Download]
  8. Domestic economy and plain sewing and knitting by Margaret Alice Clark (1889) [Download]
  9. Exercises in knitting by Cornelia Mee (1846) [Download]
  10. Fleisher’s knitting & crocheting manual by S.B. & B.W. Fleisher (1917) [Download]
  11. Hand-book of Needlework by Miss Lambert (1842) [Download]
  12. Handbook of needlework, decorative and ornamental, including crochet, knitting and netting by Miss Lambert (1856) [Download]
  13. Home art book of fancy stitchery by Flora Klickmann (1913) [Download]
  14. Home Work: A Choice Collection of Useful Designs for the Crochet and Knitting Needle by A. M. (1891) [Download]
  15. How to knit socks by Maud Churchill Nicoll (1915) [Download]
  16. How to use Florence knitting silk by Nonotuck Silk Company (1883) [Download]
  17. Illuminated book of needlework: comprising knitting, netting, crochet, and embroidery by Mrs. Henry Owen (1847) [Download]
  18. Khaki knitting book by Olive Whiting (1917) [Download]
  19. Knitting and crochet, an illustrated manual of home industry, containing plain practical directions for making a large variety of useful and ornamental articles, fancy stitches, etc. by (1880) [Download]
  20. Knitting and crochet: a guide to the use of the needle and the hook by J.C. Croly (1886) [Download]
  21. Knitting and crocheting by Durrell Brown & Co. (1885) [Download]
  22. Knitting And Sewing by Maud Churchill Nicoll (1918) [Download]
  23. Knitting Book by Elizabeth Lydden King Porter (1936) [Download]
  24. Knitting for the army by H.M. Stat. Off. (1941) [Download]
  25. Knitting without “specimens”; the modern book of school knitting and crochet by Ellen P. Claydon & C. A. Claydon (1915) [Download]
  26. Knitting; a manual of practical instruction in the mechanical details of all types of knitting machinery, their operation, adjustment, and care by M.A. Metcalf (1909) [Download]
  27. Knitting: how to knit and what to knit by Marie Louise Kerzman (1884) [Download]
  28. Ladies’ complete guide to crochet, fancy knitting and needlework by Ann S. Stephens (1854) [Download]
  29. Ladies’ work-table book: containing clear and practical instructions in plain and fancy needle-work, embroidery, knitting, netting, crochet, and tatting by H.G. Clarke (1843) [Download]
  30. Lady’s assistant for executing useful and fancy designs in knitting, netting, and crochet work by Mrs. Guagain (1847) [Download]
  31. Lady’s book of useful and ornamental knitting and netting work by Ronaldson (1847) [Download]
  32. Lady’s knitting-book; containing nearly two hundred receipts by E.M.C. (1876) [Download]
  33. Manual of needlework, knitting and cutting out for evening continuation schools by Elizabeth Rosevear (1894) [Download]
  34. Mary Frances knitting and crocheting book by Jane Fryer (1918) [Download]
  35. My crochet sampler by Miss Lambert (1947) [Download]
  36. My knitting book by Miss Lambert (1846) [Download]
  37. Pearsall’s illustrated handbook for knitting in silks by M.T. & H.T. (1870s) [Download]
  38. Plain needlework, knitting, and mending, for all, at home and in schools by Lucretia P. Hale (1879) [Download]
  39. Popular knitting book by Flora Klickmann (1922) [Download]
  40. Principles of knitting by William E. Shinn (1946) [Download]
  41. Priscilla baby book by Elsa Schappel Barsaloux (1915) [Download]
  42. Priscilla war work book, including directions for knitted garments and comfort kits from the American Red cross, and knitted garments for the boy scout by Elsa Schappel Barsaloux (1917) [Download]
  43. Rake knitting and its special adaptation to invalid workers by Susan E. Tracy (1916) [Download]
  44. Rake knitting patterns by Bertha Thompson (1923) [Download]
  45. Rules and directions for the use of Finlayson, Bousfield & co.’s real Scotch linen crochet thread by Finlayson, Bousfield & co. (1886) [Download]
  46. Self-instructor in silk knitting, crocheting and embroidery by Belding Bros. & Co. (1884) [Download]
  47. Spool knitting by Mary A. McCormack (1909) [Download]
  48. Sunlight book of knitting and crocheting by Adelaide J. Gray (1915) [Download]
  49. Text book of Swedish home sloyd, typical Swedish patterns of hole seam, fringe plaiting and knitting by Anna Petersson Berg (1925) [Download]
  50. Text-book of needlework, knitting, and cutting out: with methods of teaching by Elizabeth Rosevear (1893) [Download]
  51. Treasures in needlework: comprising instructions in knitting, netting, crochet, point lace, tatting, braiding, and embroidery, illustrated with useful and ornamental design, patterns, &c. by Mrs. Warren & Mrs. Pullan (1855) [Download]
  52. Treatise on embroidery, crochet and knitting by George C. Perkins (1899) [Download]
  53. Treatise on the art of knitting: with a history of the knitting loom: comprising an interesting account of its origin, and of its recent wonderful improvements by J.B. Aiken (1861) [Download]
  54. Utopia yarn book; being a practical treatise on knitting and crocheting by Elsa Schappel Barsaloux (1919) [Download]
  55. Woolco knitting & crocheting manual by Woolworth Co. (1916) [Download]

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