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Doily with Irish Crochet Edge Pattern (1917)

The following is instructions for making a Doily with Irish Crochet Edge. It was originally published in Things Girls Like to Do (1917), near the end of World War I.

Irish crochet lace is one of the most durable of laces and is suitable to be worn for all occasions. It especially recommends itself for pick-up or porch work. It looks well and does not take an endless while to make, as almost every motif is made separately thus giving a variety. And although one may not have more than a few minutes to devote each day to the work, it is surprising how many articles can be completed with little effort and little time.

The materials necessary are a steel crochet hook, considerably finer than for ordinary crochet work, as the work must be very firm, even and close. Irish Crochet Thread, numbers 86 to 50 or D. M. C. cotton numbers 70 to 100 inclusive and number 10 for the padding cotton will be needed. All laces look better if pressed before making up, this is especially true of Irish Crochet.

Doily with Irish Lace Border (1917)

This can also be used for a bread plate.

1st row – around a 24 inch circle of linen work a row of single crochet.

2nd row – 5 chain, miss 3 single crochet and fasten with a single crochet in the 4th stitch; continue around mat.

3rd row – Into each group of chains work 3 single crochet, 1 picot, 3 single crochet.

4th row – 6 ch fasten in the picot loop.

5th row – 3 single crochet, picot, 3 single crochet 1 picot, 3 single crochet, 1 picot; continue all around.

This completes the mat.